Hope is a way of being in the world” – Vaclev Havel


I am a believer in personal awareness, conscious community, and values-based activism. I prefer to speak and think in terms of “and” rather than “or.” My lifelong passion has been to help individuals grow in their compassion, self-insight, and courage to lead; and to help congregations and organizations unite around a common mission to do good in the world. I believe healthy conflict leads to growth, and healthy covenants build vibrant communities. 

I believe in the power and promise of Unitarian Universalism. In my own life it has challenged me, nurtured me, struggled with me and infinitely enriched me. I know there are many who search for just this kind of faith and we should not just wait for them to find us, but we should shout from the rooftops the good news we have to offer. And not everyone need become a UU for our values to have great impact in the world.

It has been my privilege to serve as a Unitarian Universalist minister for over 30 years, in local congregations, and in regional and national denominational roles. In these pages I hope you’ll see a glimpse of both my theory and practice of ministry, as well as a sense of who I am and what I enjoy as a person as well as a minister.