While ministry takes much of my time and attention, I have other passions in life!

Cooking and baking are spiritual disciplines for me: they require focus but also immersion in the moment and in the senses! I love to entertain and share my creations!

I know I’m too stressed out when I haven’t had time to do photography. Nature photography especially takes me out of myself and helps me see the world differently.

My pets are a source of sanity, even when it may seem crazy to have two dogs and two cats! Unlike their usual reputation my cats are great cuddlers, and my two young pups (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a “Swissy-Poo” – a mix of standard poodle and Swiss Mountain dog) are sweet and fun and endlessly entertaining. Tending to them means tending to myself as I have to get home periodically and they make me spend significant time outside every day.